About Prevayl

By offering both infrastructure and insights, we help ensure informed data-led decisions, underpinning future performance and physical improvement.


Our Products

Through the provision of actionable insights and pre-emptive understanding, our technology empowers people to better connect with their bodies, enabling them to live smarter, safer and healthier lives.
Our connective clothing tracks more of the body’s biodata than any other wearable device. The Prevayl app and platform provides custom insight solutions underpinned by enriched biometric data. By creating insight bundles focused towards specific demands and sector requirements we ensure users have actionable, personal and tailored insight solutions.

Meet the team

Prevayl Founders

David Newns and Chris Lord


David and Chris have previously founded two high growth companies and successfully realised over £140m of value through exits to two FTSE 30 companies, over a period of six years.

David also sits on the management board of Imperial Brands as Group Innovation Director, one of the youngest FTSE 100 management executives.

Adam Crofts

CEO and Founder

Adam is a seasoned and experienced momentum driver who has the proven ability to lead dynamic and diverse teams.

Adam has a proven track record of assembling teams across the world and managing performance to ensure commercial success. His focus is revolutionise the field of wearable solutions to ensure that every brand will have the capability to incorporate actionable and validated insights direct to their audience.

Prevayl Management Team

Mark van Harmelen

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Ashby

Operations Director

James Leary

Finance Director

Michael John Lynch

Director of Electronics

Samuel Bird

IP Director

Bella Hepworth

Apparel Design Director