Products and Services

The use of Prevayl-enabled clothing powers our performance and health-tech ecosystem, providing custom insight solutions.



Prevayl has developed wearable technology that is seamlessly integrated into our garments without  plugs and wires.

Our wearable technology has the ability to measure and track more biodata from the human body than ever before.

App and Platform


The Prevayl app has the capability to interact and ingest biometric data from Prevayl-enabled wearable devices, while offering unique insights into and alerts about health and performance.

Our fitness and wellness platform works with the Prevayl app to deliver real-time insights and alerts, ensuring immediate data interaction and actionable outputs.

Enabling Brands


Our core technology enables businesses and developers to become their own insight providers.

Utilising the Prevayl model and our APIs, additional insight providers can fuel innovation and enhance their users’ experience.