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Prevayl is a purpose-driven health-tech company.

We provide enriched biometric data to deliver comprehensive performance and health insights to enable brands, businesses and sporting institutions through wearable solutions.



Wearable technology is seamlessly integrated into Prevayl garments to accurately sample biodata.

App and Platform


Our app and the platform behind it provide biodata-based insights into health, fitness and performance.

Brand Enabling


Teams, businesses and brands can utilise our technology to gain and supply insights to their users.

We work with businesses and brands to deliver tailored insight solutions to the problems they need to answer. We provide wearable solutions, a bespoke interface, tailored infrastructure and innovation support to drive valuable outcomes and validated insights.

Adam Crofts, CEO

About Us

We turn human data into actionable understanding. As a human insights provider, we deliver quantifiable and verifiable health and cognitive insight solutions.

Our Products

Our connective clothing tracks more of the body’s biodata than any other wearable device. The Prevayl platform provides custom insight solutions underpinned by enriched biometric data.

Why Prevayl

We enable greater awareness of the human body than any other platform. Our pre-emptive insights help ensure better future physical and mental health.

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Our in-house patent attorneys ensure all intellectual property is appropriately identified and protected.


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